Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping

The Passive Fire Protection (PFP) and compartmentation of property play an important role in maintaining the integrity of a properties fire escapes and limiting the spread of fire.


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Fire Stopping
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We offer passive fire protection solutions

Your properties Passive Fire Protection (PFP) comprises of the materials used to construct the property and the processes which they have been installed with the aid in the prevention of the spread of fire and smoke.

If a properties PFP is maintained correctly, it will provide vital time for people to escape from the building in the event of a fire. However, if compromised, faulty PFP can increase the spread of fire and smoke and increase the risk of not being able to escape.

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Designed to stop the spread of fire

Compartments are built within properties to contain a fire to a specified area and stop the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency aiding an evacuation. However, when compartments are compromised through damage or lack of care, a fire will continue to spread and will reduce the effectiveness of the properties escape plan.

Intumescent materials are used extensively throughout properties within compartmentation as they swell in the presence of heat and reduce the spread of fire by sealing gaps and increasing the burn time of combustible materials.

Intumescent materials are most commonly used in Fire Doors to stop the spread of fire through corridors and compartments, but can also be used to seal gaps created from building works, for example the running of cables through walls.

Fire Stopping Application Overview

We assess your property

Our qualified team of engineers and Fire Risk Assessors will be able to assess your property and check the integrity of your compartmentation. Call Fire Plus Security today.

Using original architectural drawings and other investigative methods, we will be able to assess how your property would fair in the event of a fire and help to develop an effective fire safety plan as well as repair any damage to the compartments.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.